FrostFenix learning Twisted Fate (TF) Pt. 3 – 7

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This will be a video dump!

I have been really really busy since last October, so I haven’t been able to play alot of LoL and I have forgotten to publish my Twisted Fate videos.  These videos have been recorded about last October and I can say that I got a hang of playing Twisted Fate to a decent level.
So here goes the video dump!


I don’t know how TF plays now and how the itemization will be in the latest patch, I haven’t even played LoLPH this year. Hopefully when my schedule clears up I will be able to play again.


Twisted Fate pt. 3


Twisted Fate pt. 4


Twisted Fate pt. 5


Twisted Fate pt. 6


Twisted Fate pt. 7


Now, I don’t really think someone will watch all of them, but I am hoping these videos will demonstrate that picking up a new hero and becoming decent with that hero is possible. Also, as much a possible, do play with your friends! It makes the game fun on a whole new level, even if you are getting your butts handed back to you.


If you guys wanna play with me you can add me on the following:

LoLPH : FrostFenix

Steam : frostfenix08 : frostfenix#6771

Going back to playing LoLPH and learning Twisted Fate (TF) Pt. 2

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This will be the second video of my learn to TF series.

I will be using the same runes and masteries I have used in my first game. (previous post)

In this game, I think I did better than last one, I just need to work on my positioning and drawing of GOLD cards for the stun. A very good example of a bad draw would be at the 7:45 mark of the video where I pulled a blue instead of a gold.



For the item build I went for Zhonya’s -> CDR Boots -> Lichbane -> Morello


I picked Zhonya’s to counter Zed’s ultimate, you see how I TRIED to dodge his ulti and FAILED at around 13:03 of the game play video. But I think Zhonya is an overall good pick as it allows you to survive, disrupt their combos and mess up their team fight targeting.


CDR boots is chosen because more cards == more damage!


Lichbane for more damage output, do not forget to auto attack! Specially with Twisted Fate’s low cooldowns we can take advantage of 50% AP bonus magic damage every 1.5 secs. The extra MS is also nice to have.

I built Morello for more CDR and AP.


Supposedly, will be building Rabadon’s Deathcap for massive AP boost. Also looking into Luden’s Echo but at this stage of the game the AP bonus provided by Deathcap trumps the Passive of Luden’s. Maybe if the game lasted a bit longer I might have gotten Luden’s for extra MS and more AP. Do note Luden’s is one of the three AP items that provide 120 AP.


Gameplay Video

I played with my friends on Normal blind pick mode. Also, the video is sped up to 150% playback speed.

Youtube Link

We almost lost the game due to bad positioning and calls. But still we managed to win the game and we mopped them up real good on the last team fight where I managed to land gold cards and stun the opposing champions during the last team fight.

Going back to playing LoLPH and learning Twisted Fate (TF)

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It has been a while since I have played League of Legends. And since my best friend is regularly playing LoLPH again and watching LoLPH Pro Gaming Series (PGS) 2015 when we attended Rampage 2015 (thanks Booster C for VIP tickets!) hyped me up, I decided to play the game again.

The last time I played LoL regularly was late 2013, and a lot have changed since then, the meta, item and hero mechanics, new heroes, etc. so I asked my friend which mid lane champion is good to master in the current meta outside my usual champion pool of Lux, Zyra, Orianna and Morgana. My friend recommended Twisted Fate for his stun (yellow card), sustain (blue card), good damage output and map presence provided by TF’s ultimate.

I haven’t really used TF back then but I do know TF is a solid pick and I have a couple of skins for him so I decided to go with TF. That being said, this will the first part of me trying to master (or at least being decent) with TF.


The runes I have used are pretty standard, AP Quints, MR blues, armor yellows, and Magic Pen. reds.

Twisted Fate runes
Twisted Fate runes



I went for 21/0/9, will try the buff extension instead of cookies on my next play through.

Twisted Fate masteries
Twisted Fate masteries


Gameplay Video

I played with my friends on Normal blind pick mode. Also, the video is sped up to 150% playback speed.

Youtube Link

So we lost the game in this one.  I think I was just not doing enough damage (not enough farm) and not drawing enough gold cards during team fights. On top of that I need to work on my positioning during team fights.


Twisted Fate Notes / Key Takeaways

-Drawing the yellow card when I really needed it was kinda hard. Need to practice some more for the timing and the cycle of the goes by the order of Blue>Red>Gold. It sucks when you pull out a blue/red card when you really need the stun.

-If my ultimate is up and there is a ganking opportunity in the side lanes, shove middle lane then start walking to the lane to be ganked, this will ensure that the enemies in the side lane will be in range of your ulti. Teleport behind them if possible to cut off their escape.

-When using ulti to gank side lanes, pay attention to where the enemy jungler / mid laner is, if they are in position to counter gank, it might be wise to abort and just go back to mid, farm and put pressure in the mid lane.

-Need to work out my positioning during team fights.

-Need to improve my last hitting.

-Use my trinket as much as I could! (FREE WARD!)

-Play around with the item build. Might try with more CDR build next time.