XBOX One – Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Try again later. 8016a04b

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I recently purchased an Xbox One with the game The Division and two weeks worth of Xbox Live Gold membership. Then the 1 yr subscription to XBL Gold went on sale from $60 to $40 which I purchased thinking I might be able to use it later when the free two weeks expires.

When it was the time to use it, I went to the XBL site to redeem the code and all I get is this error message :

Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Try again later.

I contacted their support to get the issue fixed. That’s when they told me that the issue was that my account’s XBOX 360 region setting is in Philippines region and XBL Gold does not support it yet. You can move your account’s XBOX 360 region to different one but the thing is that you need 90 days to set it again. I created my account using the create account option in the console and it defaults to US or maybe the region where your XBOX One is set. I had it on US since Philippines is not in the choices.

So what I have is:

  1. Xbox account set in Philippines Region – I recently moved regions so I can add my Philippine bank issued credit card.
  2. Xbox set in US region

The solution they told me is to move back the account to US region when the 90 day restriction expires, not gonna happen as I do not have the patience to do so. Another is that I create a new account and redeem the code on the new account, not gonna happen neither as I do not want to lose my progress and I want to retain my gamertag! (Add me guys frostfenix08)

So here’s what I did:

  1. Created a new account
  2. Redeemed the XBL Gold on that new account
  3. Added my old account to the family of the new account. (All Settings > Account > Family)

That should “share” the xbox live gold to the old account and that allowed me to continue with my progress with The Division.