M4A Lag

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Online gamers hate lag. Period. It brings out the worst out of anyone.

In this video, for some reason I was lagging really hard I even thought It was something to do with my sensitivity. But what the heck, I was just using my pocket wifi (crappy mobile internet).


CS:GO P2000 CT handgun round choice

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USP or P2000? I prefer P2000.

Why? Because of the ammo capacity. While I do agree it is hard to quantify the utility of the silencer of the USP-S and it can be useful for ninja playstyle of some players, I just can’t use it consistently. There will be games that I will be trigger happy and run out of bullets.


With P2000 however, I can be trigger happy from time to time and still have the accuracy if needed.


And for those who want to see the numbers / stats, here’s the comparison table of P2000 and USP-S care of strike-counter.com.



As you can see, both of them are identical in terms of damage and armor penetration.  While the P2000 wins by a small margin in other aspects, I think the ammo capacity is the deal breaker. Having more bullets will help you stand toe-to-toe against Terrorist that have Gloc or Tec-9s.


Here’s a video of me playing using P2000 and winning the pistol round for our team: Gameplay video