M4A Lag

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Online gamers hate lag. Period. It brings out the worst out of anyone.

In this video, for some reason I was lagging really hard I even thought It was something to do with my sensitivity. But what the heck, I was just using my pocket wifi (crappy mobile internet).


FrostFenix learning Twisted Fate (TF) Pt. 3 – 7

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This will be a video dump!

I have been really really busy since last October, so I haven’t been able to play alot of LoL and I have forgotten to publish my Twisted Fate videos.  These videos have been recorded about last October and I can say that I got a hang of playing Twisted Fate to a decent level.
So here goes the video dump!


I don’t know how TF plays now and how the itemization will be in the latest patch, I haven’t even played LoLPH this year. Hopefully when my schedule clears up I will be able to play again.


Twisted Fate pt. 3


Twisted Fate pt. 4


Twisted Fate pt. 5


Twisted Fate pt. 6


Twisted Fate pt. 7


Now, I don’t really think someone will watch all of them, but I am hoping these videos will demonstrate that picking up a new hero and becoming decent with that hero is possible. Also, as much a possible, do play with your friends! It makes the game fun on a whole new level, even if you are getting your butts handed back to you.


If you guys wanna play with me you can add me on the following:

LoLPH : FrostFenix

Steam : frostfenix08

Battle.net : frostfenix#6771